A New Convention Center on the Beach in Wildwood, NJ

292,000 sf

Wildwood, NJ

LMN Architects with SOSH Architects

The Wildwood communities sit 40 miles south of Atlantic City on a portion of the New Jersey shoreline that naturally accumulates the sands eroding from other beaches along the coast. Since it started in the 1950’s as a vacation destination from Philadelphia, Trenton, and other inland cities, the beach has grown more than ¼ mile in width. This convention center is the only building on the ocean side of the community boardwalk, and sits on thousands of pilings pounded into the wide band of silky white sand. The design rejected the conventional “black box” and instead stretched a translucent fabric roof over the 65,000 sf exhibition floor, allowing soft natural light into the space.

Bruce Donnally was the Principal in Charge of Design for this project with LMN Architects

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