A complete redesign and gut remodel of this floating home brought it up to date for a family of four

Complete redesign, remodel, and recladding of existing floating home

Seattle, WA

SBI Construction, Inc

Sozinho Imagery

Located on one of the premier docks on Lake Union, this house had been originally built for just a couple and their occasional guests. The new owners wanted to retain the open feel but create a new master suite, a pair of bedrooms for their children, and a home office/guest room, plus a full roof deck. We removed all the finish materials, inside and out, and completely gutted the interior to create a blank canvas. On the exterior, the new design introduced a bold contrast of black wood boards above white cement panel cladding. Bright red boards were interlaced with them to create a unique design signature that recalls the Japanese Inkan, the square stamp used on documents. The blackened boards use a traditional Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban, which chars the outer layer to create a durable weather resistant surface. The materials were chosen not just for their color composition but also for their very low maintenance.


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