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The design of this open plan urban loft created the living space our client had wanted for 35 years. With her children grown, this intrepid client called us to help make here dreams come true. Our design fulfilled her requests by tearing out the walls of the cramped house to creating an open living and kitchen area. Our design included the addition of an adjacent pavilion for the bathroom in the back yard and re-built just one wall in the house to separate the public spaces from her sleeping area.

The ceiling over the main living area was removed and north-facing, operable skylights were added. This feature flooded the space with daylight and provided excellent cross ventilation. Combined with light wood ceiling panels, simple IKEA cabinetry, and few, well-placed pieces of furniture, the whole renovation became the bright, airy, and clutter-free home the client had always imagined.

Contractor: Dovetail Construction

Photography: Benjamin Benscheinder

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