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This project consisted of an extensive home remodel of a modest house sited on a hilltop overlooking Elliott Bay. The poor layout and closed off spaces of the original house underutilized the beauty of its location. Consequently, our approach focused on maximizing the site's potential and opening up many of the cramped living spaces. The new home features a large, professional kitchen and a spacious living room that opens onto a reconstructed deck. This new layout, with visually connected yet spatially distinct areas, takes full advantage of the views over Elliott Bay.

We worked carefully to coordinate details and finishes of the remodeled rooms to provide a warm, contemporary environment that was unique to the home's occupants. For example, we coordinated with the client, a chef, to custom design the kitchen storage details. As a result, the design is enriched by the individualized drawers, efficient corner storage, and pull out steps that seamlessly lie behind the cabinetry faces. Similarly, with the kitchen finishes, one notes the balance between the warmth of the English Sycamore veneer on the cabinetry and the dark tones of the soapstone countertops and ebony stained cork tile flooring. This attention to detail extends to the Murbau flooring and sandstone fireplace in the light filled living room and the carefully crafted Ipe deck with custom glass and stainless steel guardrail.

Contractor: SBI Construction

Photography: Lara Swimmer

Press - From Cramped Galley to Spacious Gourmet - Robyn Cannon

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