Before and After

September 11, 2017By donnal6696Architecture, Design

When deeply entrenched in an activity or place it becomes difficult to frame it in in any other. The familiarity of sight and comfort of routine can blind us to opportunities possible through a shuffling of the deck. We all have those places in our homes that are underutilized or starting to show their age, … Read More

An Island Home

August 31, 2017By donnal6696Architecture, construction, Design

Two and a half years ago, on a rainy weekend in March, Bruce set off for an island camping trip. This rather impromptu and wet excursion had been inspired by a call from a client some months earlier. They had phoned in with the desire to build a cabin on one of two properties available … Read More

The Creative Process

May 16, 2017By donnal6696Architecture, Design

The moment when you see an idea that had not occurred to you before, one that seems to solve an array of vexing problems all at once, is exhilarating. The possibilities suddenly spill out; the solutions, like little game marbles, all drop into place, and progress makes swift strides forward. The creative process is an … Read More

The Construction Process

April 15, 2017By donnal6696Architecture, Design

As a project moves from drawing to building our role as design professionals shifts in scope, but still remains crucial to a successful project. The architect’s role during construction involves a variety of responsibilities taken on in conjunction with clients and contractors alike. The following will offer a short synopsis and non-exhaustive list of some … Read More

Proportion and Scale

March 24, 2017By donnal6696Architecture, Design

Two of the most important compositional skills of an architect are a command of proportion and a sense of scale. While they are related, they have distinctly different meanings.   Proportion Proportion is the dimensional relationship of one part to another or to the whole, described in terms of a ratio. In nature, each species has … Read More

A Floating Home

February 15, 2017By donnal6696Architecture, Design

  Built as humble shacks on bundled rafts of old growth logs, the floating homes on Lake Union have come a long way from their seedy Prohibition era origins on the fringe of Seattle society. They are now among the most sought after properties in the city, offering a unique lifestyle choice for those who … Read More

Texture and Pattern

January 3, 2017By donnal6696Design

  Texture and Pattern Texture & pattern give the surfaces of the world around us their visual and tactile variety. A skillful use of these two concepts is essential to creating an architectural environment with emotional power. Texture Every surface has a texture, whether it be smooth or rough, hard, ragged, fuzzy, wet, or any other … Read More

Design Solution

November 3, 2016By donnal6696Architecture, Design

Bring Natural Light to Dark Kitchens Without Sacrificing Storage Space Adding a window between your counter top and wall cabinets provides a flood of natural light on the work surface without sacrificing storage space. It allows you to turn off the under cabinet lights during the day, saving you energy, and with an added planter … Read More

Build Up or Buy Up

October 3, 2016By donnal6696News

At some point during your family’s home ownership you will likely face the need for more or different space that raises the question- should you make the improvements in the existing house, or sell it and buy something else that comes closer to meeting your needs.   The circumstances, values, and priorities of each case … Read More