Every design project starts with listening and learning:

• Listening to the client describe their needs, resources, and goals for the project.
• Learning about the site and the neighborhood, potential code challenges, and other issues that might impact the design.

From this listening and learning, patterns and organizational ideas begin to emerge as we look for creative, fresh ways to put the pieces together. The design ideas take shape as a natural consequence of this creative inquiry, rather than forcing it into a preconceived form. This process yields elegant solutions that address the client’s needs and also produce compelling buildings and spaces.


“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”
Theodore Roosevelt

The client is an integral part of both workflow and creation. As we develop ideas, we share and discuss them with our client. We adapt and adopt designs in an iterative pattern of investigation and review.

Every historic style is a reflection of the era when it was introduced. Our approach to design today is modern, in the sense that it reflects current lifestyle choices, costs, and technologies.  Nonetheless, when integrating new design elements into older buildings, we are sensitive to making the combination elegant and respectful.