DONNALLY ARCHITECTS offers complete architectural and interior design services for residential and commercial clients. Our goal and our practice is to provide experienced forethought and reassuring guidance to our clients, regardless of their level of experience.

It is rarely too early to bring us into the project. Before design work starts, we offer feasibility studies to evaluate site viability, early budget analyses, and program development.  During the design and drawing phase, we also coordinate engineering consultants, navigate the building permit process, and help select contractors. As the project moves into construction, we administer the construction contract through project completion.

Architecture is a wonderful fusion of technology and artistry, experience and discovery. Not simply left brain or right brain, but an intuitive, analytical inquiry with heart. Fitting the disparate parts of a project together into a cohesive, elegant, and simple solution is the joy of design. It is the reason every design is carefully tailored to meet the specific requirements of our client on a particular site—not a rehashed version of previous projects. Tough site constraints, tight budgets, code requirements, and other challenges provide some of the best tinder to ignite the creative spark, and can result in exciting solutions that our clients had never imagined.

Floating Home “Par Two” awarded an AIA Home of Distinction- see the article in the September 2019 Seattle mag here  >>