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Evening view across the main terrace

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The Z-shaped plan creates two main outdoor spaces

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From the main stair, views to the art gallery, below, and dining room, above

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The sweeping roof, stair and balcony in a dynamic balance at the servant entrance

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The study and children's wing overlooking the living room



The clients, a couple with 6 children, needed a new home for their growing family and their extensive collection of modern art. The site they selected sits on a gently sloping hillside above a small town on the outskirts of Zurich. Behond the surrounding cornfields are views down to the lake and dramatic vistas of rolling countryside and the Swiss Alps to the south.

The house was conceived as a series of interlocking elements that step down the hillside like a miniature village. This arrangement allowed the 10,000 sf progam to be broken down into intimately scaled pieces, and kept their heights within the restrictive zoning regulations. The zee shape plan configuration creates two outdoor spaces and allows all the major rooms to have a view to the Alps. The main terrace is the focal point of the house's public spaces and, like a village square, becomes a natural extension of the family's daily activity.

Bruce Donnally was the Associate-in-charge of this project with Gwathmey Siegel & Associates.

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Photo Credits: Richard Bryant, Arcaid