The recent, unprecedented economic growth in China was a key contributor to this luxury villa design. A local developer, inspired by this growth, hired architects from around the world to design 79 luxury villas on the outskirts of Shanghai. The project brief required that the design be both "timely" and "timeless". As a result, we provided a design that was respectful of Chinese culture without relying on traditional forms.

Our 6,000 square feet scheme relied on integral relationship with the surrounding landscape. For example, the canals of the area are incorporated into the processional entry sequence. Upon arriving one moves through a bamboo grove, over a waterfall, and across a bridge finally ending in the front door. The villa itself is organized around the main spaces of the zinc-clad, central building. The beige stone clad bedroom and service wings flank this central volume to create a well-balanced, overall composition

Completed in conjunction with Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen and Vaneventer+Carlander Architects.

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