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The main living space opening to the brick terrace

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Each arm of the cross plan reaches out into the landscape

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The kitchen is at the heart of the first floor plan

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The plan has many similar aspects of a traditional church cross plan



Whereas house plans in rolex replica the past often relegated the kitchen to a back corner, lifestyles have changed such that the kitchen is now the center of daily activity. This house plan recognizes the kitchen's focal role in replica watches uk family life and places it in the center of a cross plan. From this location it looks into the main living and dining space, has direct access to the screened porch, and is convenient to the garage and main entrance.

The main living/dining space has a 17' high center section with operable clerestory windows and ceiling fans to induce cool breezes in the summer and recirculate rising warm air in the breitling replica winter. The entire south wall is glazed with sliding doors opening to a brick patio.

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